People got too much time on their hands

i was going to go grocery shopping but then i put on my half finished arya stark cosplay and sat down on tumblr


My idea of a perfect date:

  • LotR and The Hobbit extended editions marathon and pizza




When Sam Wilson dies he is buried and his headstone reads “His wings were clipped but he soars high in our hearts”

When Steve Rogers dies he is buried next to Sam and his headstone reads “On your left”

how very dare you

This show is gold.


I’ve been re-watching Orange is the New Black season 2 and channeling my Poussey Washington feelings into sketches. 


Erevos Aether – Wake the Serpent Not

Erevos Aether’s AW 2014-15 collection, Wake the Serpent Not, contrasts sheer, romantic, fragile textures with armorlike iridescent leather and metallic elements. The architectural qualities of this tough, invulnerable aspect combine with its softer side to create a high sci-fi look that is dark and impressive.

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